Meek's Preschool & 
Early Learning Centre

Berkshire Park Long Day Care

Fees for Childcare

We are approved to apply the Child Care Subsidy which can greatly reduce the cost of Childcare Fees!

Please contact the Family Assistance Office (Centrelink) to apply.

Families Phone: 13 61 50

Our Service:
Age: Children 2 Years --> Kindergarten 

Numbers: 42 places / day 

Class size: max. 21 children  (small child to educator ratio)

Fees at Meek's:

(Before the Child Care Subsidy are applied) are $115 / day

This includes 10 hours of care 7.30am - 5.30pm

There is an online calculator tool to assist in estimating your Child Care fees based on your CCS %

please go to