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Welcome to the Meek's Preschool Community!

Our 42 Place Long Day Care Centre is positioned on acreage in the semi-rural suburb of Berkshire Park.

We have three beautiful rooms at our Centre, each designed to meet the developmental needs, interests and abilities of the children we educate and care for

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Kookaburra Room

The Kookaburra Room is a second home to our youngest learners and the environment is purposefully designed for little hands and feet to explore and learn through play. Educators are gentle in their interactions to ensure the transition to childcare is comfortable for each child and their family.

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Blue Tongues Room

Our Blue Tongues Room is a very busy place where children aged 3.5 - 4.5 years are engaging in many interactive and fun experiences each day. Children in this room are hands-on, thriving and preparing to enter our Koala Prep Room confident in their abilities and socially prepared!

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Koala Prep Room

The year before formal schooling commences, children are becoming school-ready! Our incredible Pre-K Curriculum sees children developing all of the necessary pre-academic and school-ready skills, ensuring they are equipped to hit the ground running in Kindergarten.

Meet our Centre Owner!

My Name is Monique Wilson (Meek) 

I am the creator and owner of Meek's Preschool and ELC.

I am extremely passionate about children's welfare and I am dedicated to operating an exceptional Childcare Center.

In 2017 I started this amazing adventure with my Mum, Denise, and it was the first time we had worked in the Early Childhood sector. I had previously worked for 15 years in Marketing, Business Development, Events and Promotions. When I became a mum in 2014 I decided I wanted to work with young children and give them fun, love and education every day - and here we are.

My role day-to-day at Meek's Preschool is to manage the Educators, run the business operations, oversee all big decisions and solve any issues that arise. I conduct the tours of the service for prospective families and personally interview every single educator to applies to work with us. My standards are high and I believe children deserve nothing less!

I love being so hands-on in the Preschool because when I walk in I am greeted by dedicated and loving Educators who I trust 100% and also happy, smiling children - many of who call out "Hi meek" and run to give me cuddles.

Outside of work I have a busy life.  A Husband, 4 little girls, A dog, cat, and 2 birds. Two of our children have Additional Needs so there are many different therapy and intervention appointments to fit into our week as well. We love to spend time together down on the South Coast exploring the lakes, beaches, trails and riding bikes.


Something interesting about me: you will NEVER see me in the passenger seat. If I'm not driving, I'm not getting in!

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Our Management Team

Denise, Monique, Courtney

Denise Read

Approved Provider, Justice of the Peace and our Administration Manager -

Full time at the service -  Qualification: Cert III ECEC


Monique Wilson

Centre Owner, Educational Leader

Full time at the service - Qualification: Diploma ECEC and Working Towards Bach of Community Welfare UNSW


Coutney Wood 

Nominated Supervisor, Early Childhood Teacher, Assistant Educational Leader working

Full time at the service - Qualification: Diploma ECEC and Working towards Bach Early Childhood Teaching


To contact Management Team please email:

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